Plenary sessions

Plenary session I

The main features of the new pension system.
By Caspar van der Woude & Sebastiaan van der Laan (NN Group)

This presentation will focus on the development of the new pension system. Why was the new system needed and what are the objectives of the transition? What choices were made in the design of the new system? What does a Defined Contribution (DC) plan look like? How are the Lifecycles investments for a DC plan set up?

Plenary session II

What are the driving forces for your pension income under the new contract?
By Servaas van Bilsen & Daniel Linders (UvA)

In the new pension contract, members no longer build up pension income but personal pension wealth instead. But what will determine your pension income under the new contract? In this talk, we look at the different driving forces for your pension income under the new pension law. We will also look at the relative importance of each driving force.

Plenary session III 

WTP - What will happen?
By Jan Slager & Eva Wierenga (EY)

An important topic within WTP is data quality, one of the reasons is that there is ‘no way back’. Board members are required to assess the data quality within the pension fund before they decide for "invaren". Why is data quality important and what is the role of the external auditor?

Plenary session IV 

Instantaneous vs gradual conversion from DB to DC.
By Roel Mehlkopf (Cardano, Tilburg University)

In his presentation, Mehlkopf will focus on the arguments in favour and the arguments against “invaren”. This refers to the conversion of existing DB pension rights into DC pension pots without a (individual or collective) right of consent by the participants of a pension fund. The (outgoing) government and social partners argue that an individual opt-out is not desirable as it would force pension funds to be split into two parts: one fund for participants who agree with the conversion and another fund for participants who disagree and want their DB rights to remain untouched. Roel will engage with the audience in an interactive discussion from different perspectives