Committee 2024

The Actuarial Congress Committee 2024 from left to right: Timo Nijkamp (Acquisition & Promotion), Melis Cevik (Acquisition & Promotion), Sven Geerlings (Coordinator), Lucas Bakker (Chairman), Jasper van der Zwaag (Speakers), Katrina Magrina (Magazine & Website), and Max Bootsman (Magazine & Treasurer). 

Lucas Bakker - Chairman

My name is Lucas Bakker, and I am the chairman of the upcoming edition of the Actuarial Congress in Amsterdam. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Financial Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. This year's theme has sparked my interest, and I am curious to see how the implications of the new pension legislation regarding data quality will impact and subsequently be dealt with by the actuarial world. I am thrilled to lead this committee, and I can assure you that our enthusiasm is unmatched. We are dedicated to making this congress a great success.

Sven Geerlings - Coordinator

My name is Sven, and I am the coordinator of the Actuarial Congress. For the past year, I have served on the Board as External Affairs and Vice-Chairman for the study association VSAE. Together with my fellow board members, we organize many educational and fun events, including the Actuarial Congress. I am very excited for the congress to hear and learn more about the new Dutch pension law and all that comes with it. The committee has worked very hard this year to set up a great congress. If this website has sparked your interest, I look forward to welcoming you there on the 5th of March!

Melis Cevik - Acquisition & Promotion

I'm Melis Cevik. I'm in my third year of my Bachelor's in Business Analytics and am currently pursuing a minor in sustainability and economics. I also work as a student assistant at the University of Amsterdam in the AI4Business Lab. I joined the VSAE in my first year and have been a part of many committees since, safe to say this was my favourite one. Together with Timo, I am responsible for the acquisition of sponsors as well as the promotion of this congress. We are very happy and proud of the selection of sponsors we get to collaborate with and are excited to explore the pension law changes with them at the congress this year!

Timo Nijkamp - Acquisition & Promotion

My name is Timo and together with my companion Melis, we were responsible for the acquisition of sponsors and the promotion of the congress. Within our association, I am the only one who studies Economics, because I decided to stop Econometrics after my first year. I chose a path that aligned more with my interests. However, I have never left the VSAE since I have always been impressed by the bright-minded people who are part of this association and sincerely enjoy having them by my side. Currently, I am pursuing a minor in computer programming and looking to start a Pre-Master in Data Science next year or a Master's in Computational Science. On behalf of the VSAE and myself, I hope that you enjoy this congress and I am looking forward to meeting you at this event.

Jasper van der Zwaag - Speakers

My name is Jasper, and I’m a third-year Actuarial Science student. In addition to my studies, I work as a student in the Actuarial Technology team at Triple-A. I am responsible for finding the speakers for our congress. As an Actuarial Science student, I’m very excited to set up a Congress about the biggest change in our Pension system during financially unstable times. I hope you all will enjoy the Congress we’ve been setting up over the past year. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you during the event!

Katrina Magrina - Magazine & Website

My name is Katrina and I am responsible for the website and together with Max for the magazine of the Actuarial Congress 2024. I am a 3rd year Econometrics and Data Science Bachelors student and I work at Adyen in the group finance team. Although I am not an Actuarial Science student, I am greatly interested in data science. This year's theme perfectly aligns with my interest. How do we clean our data and choose the correct data points to gather? This all will be discussed in our congress! I am excited about this opportunity and looking forward to seeing all of you at the congress!

Max Bootsman - Magazine & Treasurer

I am Max, a master's student in financial econometrics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. This theme sparked my interest because I'm passionate about using the power of data to make informed decisions. However, to make those informed decisions, the data needs to, of course, be of good quality. I'm in charge of the finances of the congress as the treasurer, and together with Katrina, we will be crafting the magazine. See you at the Actuarial Congress on March 5th!